Freedom Street Ministries

Most of our time is spent leading Freedom Street Ministries.

Freedom Street Ministries works to build relationships with sexually exploited men, women, and children (working in prostitution) and to help them discover truth, value, and salvation through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We desire to demonstrate to them the love we have found in our Savior by telling them the good news of Jesus as well as providing practical tools to help enable them to find a new way of life.

The heart of our ministry is the streets – through going to the streets two to three times a week to serve coffee and cookies, we are able to encounter prostituted people right where they are – to develop relationships based on trust that later open doors to invite them to participate in our other ministry activities/programs. Our commitment to them as individuals is to walk with them and disciple them through their process of getting off the streets and finding freedom.

Our restoration program is designed on an individual basis- catering to the specific and unique needs of each individual. As a family, we absolutely love inviting these people into our family and committing to them as they leave the streets and begin to walk on their own. We believe that the Lord created the family to be the central place where children learn about God, learn how to live, and are nourished and loved. Our hope as a family is to restore a sense of family in the lives of the people we work with.

Although we are the ministry leaders, our favorite place to be is sitting on a curbside, or on the couch in the middle of the ghetto, or in a coffee shop discipling people and helping them walk in freedom.

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