Partner With Us

Partnering with us by donating toward our ongoing expenses enables us to continue doing what we are called to do and have been faithfully doing for the past 4 years as a family!

While we have a group of faithful supporters who give regularly, that group is still small. We are asking the Holy Spirit to prod the hearts of those who love our family to help us with a one-time gift or to even better consider becoming long-term partners with us. Your support will not only be a personal blessing to us, but will also bless the ministry of YWAM, Freedom Street Ministries, and the University of the Nations as well. I believe your partnership with us will also enrich your life, as our victories in ministry will also become your victories, and our challenges an opportunity for you to join Jesus in intercession for us and our ministry.

**If you wish to know more about my budget needs, please write to me at and I will gladly send it to you!
Would you prayerfully consider being a significant part of God’s provision for sustaining our ministry through your financial and prayer support? Would you consider partnering with us by donating toward our ongoing expenses enabling us to continue doing what we are called to do?

Donation Options
1- PAYPAL— I have set up a very convenient and secure online method to give your support using Paypal.  Our paypal account is:

2- WRITE a tax deductible Check: Write a check to the name of “YWAM” and send it to the following address with a note attached stating “for the support of Sidney Eure”ALSO include your phone number in case there is a question:
Youth With A Mission (or YWAM)
4444 Edgar Park Avenue

El Paso, TX 79904

3- Mission Enablers International- ONLINE!
MEI is an organization that helps missionaries process donations, and the donations are tax deductible (MEI will send you a tax receipt)! 🙂 Go to:

Mission Enablers Website

You will need to include the number A9125 and my name, Sidney Eure Herrera. The website is also set up for reoccurring giving opportunities, so you can go online one time and set up a donation to go to me every week/month/quarter etc.

Thanks so much for your care and prayers for us. We are grateful and amazed that the Lord has given us such partners in what He has called us to do !

santa maria- group


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