Coffee for Jesus


coffee pic for blog

Who would have thought that such a simple thing could have such a deep impact. (Not to mention the incredible benefit of a missionary mom to a two month old- caffeine, please and thank you)!

In Costa Rica, coffee means community. It’s not simply a ‘drink’, it’s an invitation, intimate time, community, vulnerability, an ice breaker, refreshment. It has the potential to scream out to a world full of lost and hurting people that “I have time for you. I am here to listen. I hear you, I hear you, I see you.” In a world so busy, that we don’t even have time to hear ourselves things- it bids us ‘come an sit. come and listen’.

Last night as I cleaned up the kitchen at 11pm, I realized that in the last 48 hours alone we had served 24 people coffee around our table. As we sat and studying the bible together, prayed with one another, had times of discipleship, or had an intense conversation with people in desperate situations; coffee provided the excuse to draw near to Christ’s feet; to learn up against His chest and hear his heartbeat.

The ministry we have worked with and led for the past almost 4 years all started because of coffee. A few people with no idea how to reach the prostituted and trafficked victims on a street corner used coffee.. a simple cup of coffee. Who knew that through that lives would be radically transformed. We offer a drink, and Christ comes in and offers so that we may never thirst again.

Some of my favorite memories have been in our living room during ministry time over coffee when the presence of the Lord feel so tangibly that you could taste his as strong as that dark, hot drink.

Just yesterday a group of women gathered in our living room to pray and seek the Lord. As we sat there, we were blessed with the sound of guys singing loudly in Carlos’s studio room. They were the voices of men who are now in drug rehabilitation. Carlos is working with them to record a worship CD. They felt blessed that I would serve them in my home…. I felt blessed to have hearts in this house who recognized their own desperation & brokeness… who are painfully aware that their only hope is Jesus… and in that brokeness received the revelation that really there is only one thing that matter….. these guys whose only desire is to serve the Lord. “We just want to serve God”.

I was brought to tears last night as I washed those last few coffee cups.

There was lipstick on many of the rims of the cups of a ladies whose tears diluted their dark, black coffee. Tears that made the darkness a little lighter- when they were finally at a safe place and could be released. So many hearts were shared over those cups of coffee- intimate secrets and suffering.

I imagine Jesus in this world today. A world who wants to see big things- big numbers- business- celebrity pastors- who places value based on numbers. But I imagine Jesus sitting and reaching out to one person at a time, right where they’re at, over a cup of coffee. I don’t see him working hard to get famous or doing huge things to get attention, but I see Him in those intimate moments having enough time to sit and fill us up.

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